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Nile is a platform that makes it easy to build a reliable, multi-tenant, multi-region, and multi-cloud aware control plane for infrastructure SaaS products.

For infrastructure SaaS products, there should be a separation between the core functionalities of the product and the management of SaaS capabilities. The core functionality, or data plane, is responsible for providing features across cloud regions and providers. The SaaS management layer, or control plane, is responsible for features including monitoring and security, as well as orchestration of asynchronous operations across the fleet of data planes.

If you want to learn more about the concepts of intrastructure SaaS architecture in more detail, check out this video.

Nile is a platform that helps to build and manage the control plane for Infrastructure SaaS reliably and at scale. Nile makes three things really easy:

It provides SaaS building blocks that are well integrated to provide world class SaaS experience

It takes care of control plane to data plane integration by ensuring reliable and secure routing of metadata changes to all the data planes. Nile can ensure secure and efficient routing by being aware of the tenants, regions and cloud

It supports a low latency metadata change processing system to execute data plane actions like deployment, cleanups and cluster management

Control plane typically takes signficant time and cost to build, scale and manage. It also becomes an execution bottleneck to all feature needs in the data plane. Nile aims at making the experience of building and managing control planes for Infrastructure SaaS easy, cheap and fast while supporting high reliability and scale.