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Our Mission

To enable developers to accelerate the next billion modern SaaS

Our story

the team

Over the course of six years at Confluent, we transformed the company from being primarily on-premise to a globally successful SaaS company. Through this journey, we learned the challenges of building a SaaS product and what it takes to launch and scale to thousands of customers and tens of thousands of users.

Most of our problems in building SaaS were around data, and yet the database had little to offer. We spent significant time managing tenants, building organization and user management, supporting different tenant deployment models, storing and moving data to different parts of the organization, tracking usage and billing individual customers, and handling many other SaaS problems.

We became fixated on the idea of making the process of building and scaling SaaS products easier. This obsession drove us to create Nile, with the goal of building something truly wonderful that could help thousands of developers create world-class SaaS products.

How we work

Love Developers
We have a maniacal focus on developer experience. We take great pride in ensuring developers love building their applications on Nile. Developers have a high bar, and we will strive to exceed their expectations every time. This is achieved by showing love, being honest, and taking great care to make the developer’s life easy.
Mission Driven
Our mission is to enable developers to accelerate the next billion modern SaaS. We want to build the best platform on the planet that helps us to achieve our mission. This requires intense focus, and we cannot allow anything else to distract us. We will make incremental progress every day towards our mission.
First Principles Thinking
To build something truly groundbreaking, you need to break every past assumption about a problem and try to build solutions from first principles. The assumptions of the past may not hold in the new world. We must break down problems into their fundamental truths and build upon them. We challenge ourselves constantly to be first principles thinkers.
Strive for World-Class
We want to create a company that is among the best in the world. We believe that excellence can only be achieved by constantly pushing ourselves to meet high standards in everything we do. Even the smallest details are given immense attention and we work tirelessly to ensure that they are perfect. We know what greatness looks like and we are relentless in our pursuit of it.
Intensely Execute and Iterate
Iteration velocity has a significant impact. We move fast, build high-quality products, and iterate rapidly on user feedback. We will optimize for quick feedback loops and learn. We are not done when we ship v0. We persist in improving the experience and the value we deliver. Every next version we ship will make the product significantly better.


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