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Built-In Tenant
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Drop-In User
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Onboard Tenants Once,
Place Globally
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Instant Customer
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Seamless Tenant-Aware
Vector Embeddings
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Built-in tenant virtualization

Native tenant data isolation
100% secure with no cross-tenant access
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No more struggle with row level security
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Securely share data across tenants using shared tables
Tenant level backups
Instant restoration from backups for your customers
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No hacky or buggy scripts to restore specific customers
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Manage different backup strategies per tenant
Performance isolation
across tenants
Hot tenants have no impact on other tenants
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Performance insights per tenant
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Predictable performance for each tenant

Drop-in tenant and user management

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Tenant-level user authentication and authorization controls
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Manage organizations, user invites, and multiple membership support
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Built-in basic auth, social logins, and enterprise login support
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Postgres as the source of truth for user data

Onboard tenants once, place globally

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Place isolated tenant databases globally with the user experience, operational simplicity, and cost efficiency of a single database
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Store tenant’s data closer to their application for low latency and satisfy compliance requirements
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We deploy, we route, and we manage. Seamless schema migrations, incremental rollouts, and client-side routing.

Instant customer dashboards

UI dashboards
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Track the growth of customers, users, and queries at all times
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Dive into specific customers using per-tenant metrics
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Manage user profiles for each tenant right from the dashboard
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Configure auth settings per customer with single click

Seamless tenant-aware vector embeddings

artificial intelligence
Build your high-performance AI-native SaaS application with vector embeddings
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Store your vector embeddings with your customer data, improving efficiency and performance
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Use open-source pgvector for Postgres to store, index, and query embeddings for each tenant
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Work with any large language models of your choice from OpenAI, Hugging Face and more
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Build domain specific conversational UIs, chatbots and semantic search products
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Effortlessly scale your embeddings as your AI use case grows
CREATE TABLE wiki_documents(
    tenant_id uuid,
    id integer,
    embedding vector(3));

INSERT INTO wiki_documents (tenant_id,id, embedding)
VALUES ('018ade1a-7843-7e60-9686-714bab650998',1, '[1,2,3]');

SELECT embedding <-> '[3,1,2]' AS distance FROM wiki_documents;
Store vector embeddings per tenant or share embeddings across tenants
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Deploy embeddings closer to your customers for latency or compliance needs
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Index embeddings and query them efficiently

Effortlessly elastic

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Truly serverless - "Think queries, not machines"
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Pay for what you use
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Scales to zero with instant availability
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Scale to millions of tenants
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Limitless connections as you grow
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Postgres built for modern SaaS
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