Founding Engineer - Database Internals

What is Nile?

Nile is serverless Postgres designed for modern SaaS applications. Modern SaaS applications are multi-tenant. Nile virtualizes tenants/customers/organizations into Postgres to enable native tenant data isolation, performance isolation between tenants, per-tenant backups, and tenant placement on shared or dedicated compute globally. You can do all this with the experience of a single Postgres! You don’t have to manage multiple databases, build complex permissions for isolation, or write buggy scripts to read specific tenant data from backups. On top of the tenant model, we provide opt-in user management capabilities, customer-specific vector embeddings, and instant tenant admin dashboards. Moreover, Nile's Postgres is built for the cloud, enabling effortless scaling and a true serverless experience.

What are we looking for?

We are looking to hire senior engineers with deep database experience willing to work in a seed-stage startup. A list of things we expect

  • Architect and develop world-class database technology to build tenant-aware serverless Postgres.
  • Work on features like storage/compute decoupling, tenant virtualization, global distribution, and other challenging problems and design them from first principles.
  • Care deeply about developers and their experience on the platform.
  • Provide inputs and improve the overall infrastructure wherever possible. This may be anything from CI/CD, testing or debugging platforms.
  • Have a founder's mindset in solving problems. This means what finally matters is that the developers who use the product are successful, which helps the company win. Ready to do what it takes to succeed.
  • Strong sense of ownership. Think end-to-end and care about how the feature or product is delivered to the end user. Don’t stop at just product development.
  • Intense execution and the ability to deliver value incrementally. You will push for extended hours some days to help launch a feature or solve a hard bug blocking a customer.
  • Provide support to run a world-class service and strive for an SLA of 99.95.
  • Align with our values and hold everyone accountable to them.
  • Work with a small team, collaborate, and stay committed to the mission.
  • Previous experience with open source and developing on Postgres internals is a huge plus

The technology you would work on

  • Postgres, Postgres, Postgres
  • Storage technologies like RocksDB, LevelDB, etc
  • Languages like Rust/C predominantly and some Java
  • Cloud technologies, including S3, AWS instances, DNS etc
  • Pulumi, Github, and Vercel
  • Linear, Notion, and Slack for collaboration

Our values

Our values are how we operate every day. We hire, make decisions, and operate based on these values. We want to share this transparently to ensure candidates can self-select and evaluate if Nile will be a great place for them.

Love Developers

We have a maniacal focus on developer experience. We take great pride in ensuring developers love building their applications on Nile. Developers have a high bar, and we will strive to exceed their expectations every time. This is achieved by showing love, being honest, and taking great care to make the developer’s life easy.

Mission Driven

Our mission is to enable developers to accelerate the next billion modern SaaS. We want to build the best platform on the planet that helps us to achieve our mission. This requires intense focus, and we cannot allow anything else to distract us. We will make incremental progress every day towards our mission.

First Principles Thinking

To build something truly groundbreaking, you need to break every past assumption about a problem and try to build solutions from first principles. The assumptions of the past may not hold in the new world. We must break down problems into their fundamental truths and build upon them. We challenge ourselves constantly to be first principles thinkers.

Strive for World-Class

We want to create a company that is among the best in the world. We believe that excellence can only be achieved by constantly pushing ourselves to meet high standards in everything we do. Even the smallest details are given immense attention and we work tirelessly to ensure that they are perfect. We know what greatness looks like and we are relentless in our pursuit of it.

Intensely Execute and Iterate

Iteration velocity has a significant impact. We move fast, build high-quality products, and iterate rapidly on user feedback. We will optimize for quick feedback loops and learn. We are not done when we ship v0. We persist in improving the experience and the value we deliver. Every next version we ship will make the product significantly better.

How to apply?

Send your resume, Linkedin profile or Github profile to