Identify a User

Retrieve information about the holder of an access token.

Use the JWT generated during user creation or user login as a bearer token. (If you use your developer token, this will return 404.)

Identify User Request
GET- /workspaces/:workspaceSlug/databases/:databaseName/users/me
curl '<string>/databases/<string>/users/me' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <string>'

The response will contain the user id, email address and tenants associated with the holder of the access token.

Identify User Response
  "id": "018b6216-27a1-7e2b-aa83-67d7ba500982",
  "tenants": [
  "email": "an.important.user@mail.tld",
  "name": "Important User",
  "givenName": null,
  "familyName": null,
  "picture": null